Helping the Aged

There is a growing trend of development of robots for the aging society of the world. This is a global challenge that we are addressing as it will become reality soon. It’s important we get the best minds to the task as this isn’t an easy problem to solve but we have our hopes in iRobot.

REad article in Technology Review.


Light Weight Arm

Kinova has created a 6 DOF arm (JACO Arm) weighing at 5kg and has a payload of 1.5kg (30% of it’s weight) with a maximum reach of 90cm. The arm is made from carbon fibre and uses harmonic gears motors thus making it a very quiet arm. It has claimed that it consumes less energy than a light bulb.

This arm cost around USD 50,000 but it’s considered low cost among robotic arms in it’s class.