Humanlike Tactile Sensors

Syntouch LLC created the BioTac, tactile sensors for robotic fingers, that is able to detect vibration, temperature and force. It’s liken to our own finger.

Researchers at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering have developed a robot capable of identifying materials better than human. That’s good news for the community. The sensors have been mounted on the BarrettHand and the Shadow Hand. It’s possible to mount the finger to other forms of grippers as well.

Researchers from TUM have done a similar sensor that can be mounted on the entire body of a robot to provide similar feedback. These sensors will certainly be useful for manipulation and sensing the environment around the robot.


Robot patented by Samsung

This is the first i have seen of a patent of an entire robot by samsung.

 The filings have a robot more directly mimicking a human walk and adjusting the scale to get the appropriate speed without the unnatural, perpetually bent gait of certain peers. To safely get from point A to point B, any path is chopped up into a series of walking motions, and the robot constantly checks against its center of gravity to stay upright as it walks uphill or down.

Source – Engadget

Before You Die – The Last Moment Robot?

We want to be near our family on our death bed, to see them for the last time before we leave this world. But for those who do not have friends and family in the vicinity, this might be a good alternative, a robot who comforts you while you lie there.

This last moment robot strokes your arm and utters supposedly calming statements to you once it detects that you are about to pass away.

The actual set-up is an art installation by Dan Chen, with the  increasing number of elderly living alone in their later years, this idea might not be funny at all. You can see the Last Moment Robot in action in the video below.

This is what the robot says to you.

Hi Susie, I am the last moment robot.
I am here to help you and guide you through your last moment on earth.
i am sorry that (pause) your family and friends can’t be with you right now, but don’t be afraid. I am here to comfort you. (pause)
you are not alone, you are with me. (pause)
Your family and friends love you very much, they will remember you after you are  gone.  (pause)
Time of death 11:56

HUBO 2 is for sale and Singapore has 2!

HUBO is a humanoid from Korea, specifically from KAIST. It’s one of the most advance humanoid robot for sale and it’s price tag is $400k. There are currently 6 in USA and 2 in Singapore. There are orders for 3 in Korea and China.

Professor Oh, the creator of HUBO, shared that he wants a community to develop on HUBO. It will one day be a standard robot that will be used for development in the world.

Read the following article to find out more.