A*STAR SERC Grant Call – Industrial Robotics Programme

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) is the agency for R&D in Singapore. The Science and Engineering Council (SERC) has a recent grant call for productivity driven robotics application. This is an opportunity for development of robot application to improve manufacturing productivity in Singapore.

This is a huge thrust in increasing productivity in Singapore, some what of a hot topic lately in Singapore. Singapore has many industries that are heavily reliant on human resource. It has been a difficult task for companies and the government to switch to automation. This maybe be the first step and there is hope that more steps will take place soon. Follow the link to find out more.

Willow Garage is Changing Focus

Willow Garage has always had deep pockets before of the visionary founder and funder Scott Hassan. He has announced that he will stop funding Willow Garage in 3 months. This has caused Willow Garage to look into a future where their PR2 or maybe ROS (Robotics Operating System) will bring in some money for the company.

We are all indeed grateful as a community for the wonderful work they have done in coordinating the robotics effort globally, uniting all robotics effort into building ROS. Willow Garage as a company has spun-off many companies and technologies and brought the PR2 in the the world (50 of them). We do not know what is going to happen for Willow Garage in the future but one would imagine that growth and survival will be on their minds.

Scott Hassan is now the CEO of Suitable Technologies, a spin-off of Willow Garage.