Zebro – RHex’s Brother

Zebro is a six legged robot conceptualised in TUDelft. It’s a brother of the RHex robot by Boston Dynamics. The aim of the research group is to study and develop control methods for platforms like the RHex. Various learning techniques are being used in the robot and studies are being done to improve the design of the legs and various components on the robot.

The RHex was able to perform locomotion in various undulating terrain. It’s a very promising form of a robot but is it scalable? It would be useful to see this platform scale up to perform task.



Latest Update on Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog

This is the latest update on the Big Dog or the Legged Squad Support System (LS3). Sensors and a touch screen is now mounted on the front of the robot with a rounded base to allow it to better recover from a fall or rest position. The Dog now has a LIDAR and a stereo camera that allows for betterĀ perceptionĀ of the environment and the people around it. to With the added hardware, the robot is now able to perform human following and it should be moving towards making decisions that will make it more useful than a mule. Another improvement is that the robot is now quieter than the older version. This is a really stable platform for the given environment. Kudos to Boston Dynamics.

These slides give an overview of the Big Dog.